Bael Turath

Ruler of the Abyssal Empire of Bael Turath


The Empire of Bael Turath was one of the greatest in all of humankind’s history. In the Empire the noble class (kings, lords, princes, etc.) were completely devoted to the preservation of their power. They were so obsessed with power and glory that they vowed to even give up their humanity for it. Bael Turath made many promises to the nobles of his lands and word reached a realm called Gaping Maw on the 88th level of the Abyss.

The people of Bael Turath began having dreams or visions of the promises that these demons made. They believed these visions would help keep the Emperor and the nobles in power. The visions spoke of an evil month-long ritual that each ruling house of the Emperor must participate in to secure their power forever. Some of the houses refused to take part in the ritual because it promoted terrible deeds that all of the participants of all the houses must do. The houses that refused were destroyed and the ritual commenced. During the ritual, demons began to appear and many houses and nobles made pacts with them. It is said these pacts not only bound the human nobles but also their descendants forever.

It is said that when, after centuries, these rituals weren’t enough to slake the demons’ thirst for bloodshed, Bael Turath himself unleashed an apocalypse so powerful that his whole empire was brought to ruin in its wake.

Bael Turath

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