Jade Ravens

Mercenary Band on Contract to Lavinia Vanderboren


Tolin Kientai (LN male human ranger 3)

Zan Oldavin (N male half-elf rogue 3)

Kaskus Kiel (LN male dwarf druid 3)

Liamae Teslikaria (CN female human sorcerer 3)


The Jade Ravens are a company of mercenaries that have been in the Vanderboren employ for several years. The team consists of a jaunty male half-elf dressed in leather armor and armed with a half-dozen daggers of different shapes (Zan), a dark-skinned dwarf with a sour expression dressed in green and brown robes and clutching a large curved spear (Kaskus), an attractive but haughty-looking woman dressed in dark purple robes and with a tattoo of a crescent moon on one cheek (Liamae), and lastly, a tall and handsome man dressed in polished breastplate carrying a bastard sword (Tolin).

The Jade Ravens are currently in the city of Cauldron to the south, having been asked to contact Lavinia’s aunt and uncle for aid.

Tolin Kientai (Human Male Ranger) Charismatic leader of the Jade Ravens. Tolin has proven to be rather over-protective of Lavinia, and at times seems gruff and impersonal. Tolin is as vain and brash as he is handsome.

Kaskus Kiel (Dwarf Male Druid) Kaskus has a deep love of mountains and caverns. He is currently serving with the Jade Ravens out of respect for Lavinia and Vanthus’ father who rescued him from slavery.

Liamae Teslikaria (Human Female Sorcerer) Haughty, noble born woman who rebelled against her parents and ran away to become an adventurer. She is capricious and occasionally self-destructive.

Zan Oldavin (Half-elf Male Rogue) Jaunty and flamboyant, and obsessed with his dagger collection. He is also carefree and irresponsible, which often lands him and the Ravens in trouble with the authorities.

Jade Ravens

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