Marsinda Goldspinner

Loremaster of Sasserine


The head of the Lore Guild long ago gave up on research and study in favor of politics, though her passion is in collecting rare artifacts. Marsinda is obsessed with wealth and status, as well as elven culture, even affecting an elvish accent. She is Worrin Lidu’s greatest rival, and she constantly seeks ways to undermine the Noble District’s representative on the Dawn Council.

Marsinda, an opportunist, takes great interest in hiring adventurers. One of the wealthiest people in the city of Sasserine, she sponsors mercenaries to undertake expeditions to reclaim lost treasures.. Any victories her hirelings achieve help establish her as a benefactor of the city, especially if she can avenge a looted cargo ship or track down notorious criminals.

Marsinda’s hair is snow white, and she dresses in regal purple and sports a small fortune in jewelery. Her many admirers refer to her as the Lady of Gold; her enemies sarcastically refer to her as the Queen.

Marsinda has two sons: Galwick, a charismatic dwarf with nearly as much political ambition as his mother, and another son that is said to be completing his education in Cauldron.

Marsinda Goldspinner

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