Valeera Sanguinar

Flynn's Second in Command


Elf Ranger


Valeera is a pathfinder and weapon master that has risen to the rank of Flynn Kolos’s second in command. Her skill with her matched pair of short swords is unmatched and the Fin has set her to work training all of his crew to fight as well as she can.

She came to work for the smuggler baron when Valeera managed to save him from an ambush in Port Toli in the Hold of the Sea Princes. The trap took the life of Flynn’s second-in-command, Quelev Tapper, and almost killed Flynn as well. Valeera had originally been working as a navigator at the port, and her efficiency and striking appearance impressed Flynn, who was operating under the alias of Hart while Tapper was known as Seoul.

While out on a safari for displacer beasts, Flynn discovered that the safari leader, Gamgalon, was responsible for smuggling a catalyst for alchemist’s fire grown in the jungle. Gamgalon found out what Flynn knew and planned on executing him, having already killed Tapper when he tried to resist. Fortunately for the Fin, Valeera remembered hearing about a smuggler who enjoyed wordplay in his aliases and ships (Hart and Seoul), and decided to help him out in hopes of finding a position with the man. She followed them out to the jungle, killed Gamgalon and his guard and rescued Flynn. Flynn was so impressed with Valeera that he offered her a job on the spot.

Valeera Sanguinar

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