Azure District

Azure District is Sasserine’s true waterfront. Consisting of two sections, Azure District also houses the majority of the city’s slums and lower class citizens, although they aren’t quite as desperate a catch as those forced to live in Shadowshore. The western section of Azure District is primarily concerned with the city’s internal waterways, while the eastern section is home to the city’s booming whaling industry.

Azure District’s representative nobles are the Islarans. The family has held the post of harbormaster for many generations, although rumor holds that old Keltar Islaran’s getting on in years and none of his children particularly want the job when he passes on. Rumors also hold that the Kellani family has designs on this post, but with relations between these two families being as choppy as they are these days, it’s unlikely that such a transfer will occur while old Keltar still lives.

Pets and Guardians

Whereas the majority of Sasserine’s trade occurs in the Merchant District, Azure District remains a close second. In particular, the trade of exotic animals is a lucrative (and often dangerous) facet of this district’s East Market. Most of these creatures are destined for lives in the north as pets, but a few of them are more dangerous. This trade is one of the few the Azure Watch monitors (after a particularly tragic incident involving an escaped wyvern)—as a result, the black market and smuggling trade for dangerous animals does a booming business.

Listed below are prices for purchasing exotic and dangerous creatures from the Azure Markets. Other creatures may be available as your DM determines.


This lists the percentage chance on any given day that the creature in question is available. If a creature isn’t available, you can make a DC 20 Diplomacy check to place an order—each following day, the chance that the creature becomes available increases by 5%.


Certain creatures are dangerous to transport or keep in civilized areas—these creatures are restricted by the city watch. Before you can purchase a restricted creature, you must undergo a 3-hour interview (and pay a 50 gp application fee) with the watch at Azure Garrison to obtain a dangerous pet license. In order to convince the watch you mean no harm, you must make either a Bluff or Diplomacy check of the indicated DC (you can’t take 20 on either of these checks). Success nets you a license; failure gets your name on the watch list. You can apply for a license again in one month’s time. Some desperate souls seek out the black market for forged licences.


Two numbers are listed here; an initial cost (the price you pay when you purchase your new pet) and the training cost (the price you pay to have your pet trained not to attack you).

Exotic Pets

Creature | Availability | Restriction | Cost

Deinonychus | 20% | DC 25 | 400 gp (100 gp)

Dire Bat | 30% | DC 25 | 500 gp (100 gp)

Leopard | 100% | DC 20 | 100 gp (50 gp)

Shocker Lizard | 30% | DC 25 | 3,000 gp (1,000 gp)

Tiger | 60% | DC 25 | 800 gp (200 gp)

Viper (Tiny) | 80% | DC 25 | 100 gp (75 gp)

Viper (Small) | 50% | DC 25 | 300 gp (150)

Wyvern | 5% | DC 30 | 8,000 gp (3,000 gp)

City Watch

The Azure Watch is concerned primarily with keeping Sasserine’s whaling operations running smoothly. Whalers are generally allowed to get away with more as a result; the watch figures that they’re at sea most of the time anyway. An arrested whaler is almost always returned to his captain’s ship for punishment or confinement there rather than taken to the district’s undersized jail. Members of the Azure Watch tend to be a bit more strict with other criminals, but transfer them to Sunrise Garrison if they require long-term punishment.


If you’re from Azure District, you probably spent a fair portion of your youth at sea. You have friends or family that work in the whaling industry, and may have spent some time on a whaling ship yourself. You likely worship at the Azure Cathedral, a temple dedicated to Osprem (the goddess of ships and sailors), Procan (the god of the sea), and Xerbo (the god of sea trade). Further details on these three minor deities, of special interest to clerics, can be found in Complete Divine. Alternately, you could worship all three, in which case you have access to the domains of Luck, Strength, Travel, and Water. Clerics who worship all three of these deities may be of any alignment.

Notable NPCs

Belrain Daskeral (male human) The high-priest of the Azure Cathedral, Belrain is a soft-spoken man who tends the district church along with his twelve acolytes. Belrain is known to have a powerful temper.

Captain Shadwik (male human) Master of the Whaler’s Guild, Captain Shadwik is a gruff , grizzled man who made his fortune as a whaler. Now too old to captain his own ship, he represents the whalers and fisherfolk of the city.

Heldrath Kellani (female human) Matroness of the Kellani family, Heldrath was once an adventurer (some say a pirate) who is thought to have not quite abandoned the questionable pastimes of her youth. She is rumored to be quite ill.

Keltar Islaran (male human) Lord of Islaran Manor and representative of Azure District on the Dawn Council, Keltar is an aging noble whose children have either gone missing or have no real interest in continuing the family’s traditional post as harbormaster.

Maklash Gristwhistle (male dwarf) This obese and almost maniacally cheerful dwarf runs the Dredger’s Guild, the organization charged with keeping Sasserine’s waterways and canals clear of obstructions and filth.

Rowyn Kellani (female human) Eldest daughter of the Kellani family, and the most likely to take over control of the estate when her mother Heldrath passes on.

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