Rod of LeaguesThis small, granite pendant is shaped like a marker one might find at a crossroads, each of its four sides engraved with one of the cardinal compass points.

Item Slot: none

Property: By concentrating for 1 round, the wearer can identify any compass direction she can name (examples include north, southwest, and east-northeast).

Power: At will, someone wearing a milestone can find the shortest, most direct physical route to any location, as if she was the target of a find the path spell (PCR 281). To begin this effect, the wearer must spend 1 minute concentrating on the intended location. Once the stone is focused, it displays the current distance between the wearer and the intended locale. The distance appears as a number apparently carved on the appropriate face of the milestone. If the locale lies two miles to the north, a number 2 would appear on the side of the stone marked “North.” Distance is measured in quarter mile units, and the distance may appear on two separate faces. (For example, distance might appear on both the north and west faces if the locale lies to the northwest).


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