Noble District

Noble District has traditionally been thought of as the city’s ruling district, even though Castle Teraknian isn’t technically a part of this district. Yet Sasserine’s trust in its rulers has been shaken (see Sasserine’s History below), and nowhere is that loss of faith more evident than in this district. Today, the citizens of Noble District spend too much time bickering with those of Champion’s District and trying to organize their district into a self-sustaining society. Idle talk of seceding from Sasserine is commonplace in Noble District bars. The other districts increasingly view the Noble District as a place of decadence and vanity, and eagerly await the district’s fall under its own excesses.

Noble District’s representative nobility is the Lidu family. With the end of the Teraknian family line over 100 years ago, the Lidus became the oldest noble family in the city. The family patriarch, Worrin Lidu, is a kind-hearted noble who may be too gentle and forgiving to succeed in Sasserine as a successful noble. His major concern today seems to be the reconciliation of the churches of Wee Jas and Kord.

City Watch

The Noble’s Watch are masters of subtlety. They do not patrol the streets of Noble District openly, as the local citizens have long since made clear their distaste for seeing guards in public places. As a result, the Noble’s Watch do their jobs undercover, posing as travelers, entertainers, merchants, or even petty nobles as the case demands. Newcomers to Sasserine seeking a place to ply criminal acts may be tempted by the seeming lack of guards in this district, but the Noble’s Watch wastes no time in dealing with crime as it appears. This, combined with the fact that anyone nearby could be the law, makes Noble District one of the safest in Sasserine.


If you’re from Noble District, you’re not necessarily the member of a minor noble house, although if you’re not, you probably have friends or associates who are. You may be from the middle class, in which case your family serves one of the noble families in some regard. Or your family could be involved in the arcanist scene, in which case you are no stranger to magic. Finally, you may be a student at the House of the Dragon, recently graduated (or worse, flunked out) from higher education. Citizens of Noble District are clean, cultured, and eschew physical labor, preferring to hire muscle or use magic to take care of tough jobs. You likely worship Wee Jas. If you worship Kord, you keep your faith secret. If you’re a specialist wizard, you’ve probably chosen conjuration, enchantment, illusion, or necromancy as your field. Other specialist wizards are not unheard of, but those who opt to specialize as evokers or transmuters are often thought of as blowhards with something to proove.

Notable NPCs

  • Annah Teranaki (female human) Annah is the shrill and aging high-priestess of the temple of Wee Jas. A recent scandal involving her protégé Embril Aloustinai in the city of Cauldron has tarnished the church’s reputation.
  • Kiva Willowtop (female halfling) Kiva is the mistress of the Cartographer’s Guild.
  • Lux Seoni (human female) Lux is the mysterious (and somewhat frightening) mistress of Witchwarden Tower.
  • Marsinda Goldspinner (female dwarf) Marsinda is mistress of the Lore Guild and is rumored to be the richest noble in Sasserine. She is also Worrin Lidu’s greatest rival. Her younger son, Galwick, is an up and coming politician in his own right, while her other son is said to be completing his education in Cauldron.
  • Nylaria Absalee (human female) Nylaria, the manager of the Sasserine Opera House, is a huge woman who takes advantage of her ample frame to display outlandish dresses and hair styles. She fancies herself everyone’s friend, even though the feeling is not always mutual.
  • Worrin Lidu (human male) Lord of Lidu manor and representative of Noble District on the Dawn Council, many worry that Worrin has grown too soft in his advancing years to be an effective leader.
  • Zebula Meravanchi (human male) Zebula is a minor noble whose family’s interests run to the decadent and extreme ends of entertainment.

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