Rod of Leagues

Rod of LeaguesThis sturdy, 5-foot tall wooden rod looks like a walking stick (and can be used as one) and has the names of various cities, villages, and historical sites carved across its length.

Item Slot: none

Power: Once per day the rod may be activated to grant the wielder the benefits of an expeditious retreat spell (PCR 279); these effects last for up to 8 hours. If the wielder performs any action other than a move or free action, the effect ends immediately. When the effect ends, the wielder is fatigued.

Power: If a character casts a teleport spell while holding a rod of leagues, he may consider any locale that appears on the rod as someplace with which he is “very familiar.” A rod of leagues can hold the names of up to 10 locales. When the rod is created, the creator may inscribe any 10 locales with which she is already very familiar; thereafter, the wielder may replace any of the existing locales with a locale of his choice. To do so, the wielder must currently be in the locale that he is adding and must spend 10 minutes using a dagger or other blade to carve the name of that place onto the rod on top of the locale that is being eliminated. Instead of wearing the rod away, the old locale name is magically erased and replaced with the new name. Once completed, the locale name appears in the normal handwriting of the carver, as though written with a fine pen rather than carved with a blade.

Rod of Leagues

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