Like Cudgel District, Sunrise is primarily residential. Yet the citizens of Sunrise are generally a bit better-off than their neighbors, in no small part due to the fact that many of them have stakes in the numerous plantations that dot the region surrounding Sasserine.

Sunrise’s representative noble family is the Knowlern family. Unlike the nobles of the other districts, the Knowlerns are elves. Lord Aniphastus Knowlern and his family have taken the preservation of the region’s wildlands to heart, and the foundation of Sunrise’s Standing Stone Park is one of their proudest achievements.


As a citizen of Sasserine, your character may also belong to one of several organizations or affiliations based in the city. The Player’s Handbook II introduced rules for affiliations and for tracking your rank and benefits from membership. Issue #348 of Dragon details six new affiliations based in the city of Sasserine in the first installment of “Savage Tidings,” a series of articles designed to augment the Savage Tide Adventure Path with new player options and advice on running the campaign. These six affiliations, in brief, are as follows—if one of them sounds particularly appealing to your character, speak to your DM about starting the campaign as a member of the affiliation.

Church of the Whirling Fury

Perhaps the most mysterious of the six affiliations presented here, the Church of the Whirling Fury is in fact a semi-secret group of like-minded souls who seek to oppose the advance of demonic influences into the the Material Plane while at the same time venerating their patron, the eladrin paragon Gwynharwyf (Book of Exalted Deeds 155). They keep their presence in Sasserine subtle, operating on the theory that to openly oppose such dangerous forces invites open retaliation—much better to gather information and strike with the advantage of surprise. The church of the Whirling Fury accepts members of all vocations and skills, although their doctrines tend to preach “all for the greater good.” As such, they often find themselves operating on the shady side of the law. Barbarians, clerics, and rangers are the best suited classes for this affiliation.

Dawn Council

The ruling nobles of Sasserine are known as the Dawn Council, yet in truth this affiliation comprises all of the minor nobles, sages, scribes, clerks, and others who help in the daily business of administration of the city. The Sasserine city watch is controled by the Dawn Council, and the seven official churches have much invested in this group as well. Beyond Sasserine’s walls, agents of the Dawn Council function as ambassadors, emissaries, missionaries, or even spies. Bards, clerics, fighters, and paladins are the best suited classes for this affiliation.

Scarlet Brotherhood

While the Scarlet Brotherhood itself is notorious for harboring assassins, spies, and worse, their presence in Sasserine has taken an unusual turn with the establishment of the Scarlet Embassy. This group proposes to seek less violent interactions with other nations. Recent attempts to manipulate numerous nations were a tremendous drain on the Brotherhood. Of course, many believe that the establishment of the Scarlet Embassy is merely a new stage in the Brotherhood’s nefarious attempt to rule the world from within. Only members of this affiliation know the group’s plans for sure—and even they may not see the whole truth of what the mysterious leaders of the Brotherhood intend. Bards, monks, and rogues are the best suited classes for this affiliation.

The Seekers

The Seekers have a presence in nearly every major city in the world, yet few know of their existance. A group of treasure-seeking adventurers at best, or a nefarious organization of thieves and grave-robbers at worst, the Seekers themselves are a loosely-knit group of explorers, adventuring scholars, and fortune hunters who scour the world for ancient secrets and lost magic for personal gain and profit. All character classes are equally suited for this affiliation.


Sasserine’s mage’s guild was founded by a priest-mage of Wee Jas many centuries ago, but today the Witchwardens have become more secular. Their members study magic in all its forms, seeking to discover new spells or recover forgotten lore from ancient ruins across the world. They are charged with the defense of the city against magical threats, and many of their members have ties to the city’s high society. Bards, sorcerers, and wizards are best suited for this affiliation.

Zelkarune’s Horns

Based in the Champion’s District where, among other things, they manage the hugely popular events in the Sasserine Arena, Zelkarune’s Horns consists of gladiators, big-game hunters, mercenaries, and explorers of the surrounding wildlands. Beyond Sasserine’s walls, members of the Horns often operate alone (or as members of small groups), seeking new creatures to populate arena fights or merely looking for adventure and treasure to further their own (and by extension, the Horns’) fame and glory. Barbarians, fighters, rangers, and rogues are best suited for this affiliation.

City Watch

Like Cudgel District, Sunrise is primarily residences, although the presence of the lumberyard and proximity to the Azure District make its edges a bit more active. The Sunrise Watch are affiliated with the church of Pelor, but for the most part are left to their own devices in keeping the district safe. Their organization is the largest of the seven watches, and as a result it’s more difficult for the commanders to keep everything in control. Corruption is fairly common here, yet the guards can generally be trusted to do the right thing.


If you’re from Sunrise, you pride yourself on your even temper, your friendliness, and your optimism. There are certainly a lot of rowdy folk in Sasserine, but most of them avoid Sunrise for one reason or another. You may have a healthy interest in the natural world, in which case you’ve spent long hours exploring the safety of Standing Stone Park. Many who live here work for one of the plantations to the south, either in the fields earning an honest day’s wage or in the plantations themselves as servants or specialists. Most of the people you know worship Pelor, although any of the officially recognized faiths of Sasserine are welcome here.

Notable NPCs

Aniphastus Knowlern (elf male) The Lord of Knowlern Manor and representative of Sunrise on the Dawn Council has lived in Sasserine longer than most every other citizen.

Basar Finn (human male) Basar represents the various plantation owners who live outside the city walls when these industrious folk are not present.

Kera Gosalar (human female) Kera is the high-priestess of the temple of Pelor. She views the vices of Sasserine as unfortunate, but rather than crusade against them she appeals to the city’s decent folk, offering options to the debauchery and crime that plague the city.

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