Savage Tide

Under Parrot Island

The Trap is Sprung

The crew spent the morning at the Seeker Lodge speaking to Feldus Selvant, the man currently maintaining it. Selvant explained that Seekers are a secret order who don’t even reveal themselves to their children until their 23rd birthday. They also learned that Lavinia’s 23rd birthday was just 3 months away at the time of her parents’ death.

At this point, they split up, with Lazerus and Esel heading to the Noble District to do a little research. As they passed through the most affluent district, the pair ran into Belial, who up until this point was believed to be asleep at the inn. The cleric of the Traveler told Esel and Lazerus that a woman had been savagely killed last night by an escaped animal, most likely from the exotic animal trade that goes on in the Azure District to the south. Perhaps there’s money to be made if the beast could be captured?

From here, the trio moved on to the House of the Dragon, where Belial and Esel’s former enrollment admitted them into the most rudimentary of its many libraries. They spent the afternoon learning that if Vanthus and Penkus has indeed taken the river west of the city, there were only two likely destinations: Mashwan, a circle of standing stones said to cause memory loss, and Carver’s Pit, a former quarry in the mountains in the west that was the site of a massacre by insectoid monstrosities from deep within the earth.

While the rest of the group was doing some work, Crow was busy going to take a nap. Unfortunately, he was intercepted by a grubby-looking half-elf who identified himself asShefton Rosk. After a few drinks loosened his tongue, Shefton claimed to know where Vanthus Vanderboren was holed up, and where to find the secret entrance.

With the money paid and the group reunited, the crew headed to Parrot Island in Crow’s newly commandeered ship, the Crow’s Nest. On the lushly vegetated island, Shefton lead them up a path to a clearing where he opened a hidden trapdoor leading down a shaft into the darkness beneath the island. Crow made it clear that if Shefton betrayed them, the captain would kill him. The half-elf walked off toward the beach, visibly shaken.

Only once the heroes had descended into the darkness, did the villain spring his plot. As Shefton’s lifeless body fell into the shaft where the crew stood and the rope was cut loose, they heard a terrible laughter from above. A laughter that one of our heroes knew only too well. Vanthus stood above the heroes and after a few moments taunting them, he slammed the trapdoor shut, trapping them inside.

In the tunnels, the heroes stumbled upon a horde of ravenous zombie pirates. Thanks to some clever maneuvering, the group was able to dispatch most of the ghouls, only having trouble with their leader, a spellcasting undead with a flaming green skull. We ended the session with the heroes defeating the undead pirates and the crew still trapped in the tunnels with more to explore.


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Under Parrot Island

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