Savage Tide

Unlikely Heroes

a Beginning...

Our heroes each came to the rescue of a damsel in distress late one night at the Rusty Pirate tavern in the Merchant District of Sasserine. Said damsel turned out to be noble heiress Lavinia Vanderboren. One of the thugs ended up with his brains splattered across the rear of the bar, but two (including the boss) escaped into the tropic night.

The following day, the heroes went to the Vanderboren Estate in the Merchant District so she could offer them a job. After a brief meeting with the adventuring Jade Ravens, Lavinia invited the heroes inside. She told them her parents (former adventurers) recently died in a horrible ship fire and she was left with a great deal of debt. Lavinia asked the heroes to get aboard her parents’ remaining ship, the Blue Nixie, find out what happened to the money she paid to the harbormaster’s man, Soller Vark, and to find the key to her parents’ vault that she was sure was hidden on their ship. For this she agreed to pay them each 200 gold pieces. She also mentioned her brother, Vanthus, had disappeared.

After an afternoon spent reconnoitering the vessel (including Eduard “Crow” Finch being thrown overboard by Vark and his men), the heroes set to work reclaiming the ship. After a brief melee on deck, Vark was pushed overboard by Lazarus Rex’s power over the winds and was quickly dealt with. The heroes also tangled (pun DEFINITELY intended) with a monstrous spider in the cargo hold as the ship was set ablaze all around them. The spider was utterly crushed by a massive blow dealt by the dwarf. After defeating the spider, capturing Vark, and putting out the flames, the Blue Nixie was secure.


Yea? We’re gonna focus on the fact that my guy was thrown overboard? That shit was all according to plan… and let’s just mention how my dude was the first to engage in the bar fight (with a sick dart toss), he blew a dude’s face apart, then snuck into the enemy ship unnoticed, slit a dude’s throat, blew another dude’s face off, slashed apart another pirate from on top of a barrel, helped slay a giant spider, and came back in time to fire off the port side and dispatch Vark… and all of that while sober…

In short, my dude rocks.

Unlikely Heroes

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