Eduard "Crow" Finch

Known commonly as Crow, Eduard Finch is an arrogant, trouble-making, swashbuckling criminal. Despite his nagging conscience, Crow constantly finds himself at odds with whatever local law enforcement the High Seas has to offer.


Weapons of Choice:

  • Rowyn’s +1 Rapier -Kept on low-riding hip scabbard.
  • The Finch Family One-Shot -A black powder pistol that once belonged to his father, Crow keeps this pistol anchored to his thigh in a firmly secured leather dueling holster.
  • Hidden Dagger- This handy little blade is masterwork and expertly hidden. It is fastened securely to Crow’s left thigh. (DC 31)


  • +1 Studded Leather


Hat of Disguise- This hat allows the wearer to adjust his appearance as well as clothing while worn. As a default, Crow keeps the hat as a tri-cornered leather hat with a very large crow’s feather fastened to it.

Crow also keeps his hard-earned medal for saving Sasserine clasped to the side of it.


A pirate in the most literal of terms, Eduard Finch (more commonly “Crow” Finch due to the unique tattoo of the bird on his neck and collarbone) has just served a seven month sentence in Butcher Bay for grand theft. The seven long months on the remote island prison extended into an entire year as Crow constantly found himself in increasingly dangerous skirmishes with the other inmates, the guards, and (at one time) a cook.

Despite his counter-culture manners and anti-hero view of established law, Crow is very much ruled by his heart. A child of impulse, Crow lives by a simple rule in which he never takes any more than he can carry. He has, on occasion, given his earnings to young street urchins (as he himself was one such beggar) and lives by a clandestine code of the streets in which great value is placed on women and children. Crow, however, would never reveal such compassion, and would, in fact, ridicule any other man who is governed by such a “weak” sense of honor.

A known, albeit minor, outlaw on the streets of Sasserine, Crow is very accustomed to being pulled into regular meetings with the town watch if ever there is an unsolved crime fitting his very careless M.O. Having just joined The Seekers, Crow is currently captaining a keelboat out of Sasserine.

His recent exploits, however, have taken him away from simple survival on the streets, He has worked to gain a new ship for a very specific purpose. His goal: The Mythical Golden Saber. Thought only to be a child’s tale and nothing more, Crow has devoted his heart, mind, and soul to uncovering the mysteries of this greatest of treasures. Supposedly crafted from the golden horn of an ancient unicorn, Crow is ready to risk life, limb, and even the great beyond to find this horde. Crow has recently come to believe that the Loremaster of Sasserine has been actively covering up any known documentation of The Isle of Dread: the legendary island where Capt. Blaze sailed The Maelstrom to and killed the unicorn.

Eduard "Crow" Finch

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